Dr. Joseph You-Tsai Hung

Dr. Joseph You-Tsai Hung, a devoted husband and father, and a retired professor passed away August 7, 2005 at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Fontana. He was 72.


Dr. Hung was born and raised in Chu-Nan (Tapoo Li), Taiwan. He graduated from Hsin-Chu Senior High School. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Engineering from National Taiwan University in 1956, and his Master’s and Ph.D. Degrees in Agricultural Engineering from Michigan State University in less than 3 years thereafter. In 1969, he settled down with his wife and three children in the City of Claremont. Dr. Hung went on to teach at Cal Poly Pomona, and after a few years, he helped to establish the Agricultural Engineering major degree program in 1971. In 1984, he founded and obtained accreditation for the Landscape Irrigation Science Bachelor’s Degree program at Cal Poly; the only degree program of its kind worldwide.


During his tenure at Cal Poly, he developed, in 1972, an equation for land leveling which previously could only be estimated by trial and error. Dr. Hung also concentrated much of his efforts in tackling important irrigation problems. Through this pursuit, he developed five equations which are invaluable to water conservation. One of such equations is well known throughout the irrigation industry as the WICK Irrigation method.


 Dr. Hung’s contribution to his professions is also evident in many agricultural engineering and irrigation research papers and several books that he has written. One book written in Chinese called, Irrigation and Drainage Structure Design is used as a text book at Taiwan University, and other universities throughout Taiwan. Other books written in English are: Landscape Irrigation Sprinkler Design and Management, Basic Hydraulics for Landscape, and Micro Irrigation Design and Management.


In addition to his many accomplishments, he has been honored with several awards and has received many accolades for his achievements. Two of his most memorable awards were the Outstanding Professor Award from Cal Poly Pomona in 1991 and the Man of the Year Award from the Irrigation Association in 1998. He was the president of the Southern California Chapter of the North America Taiwanese Professors’ Association during 2001-2002.


His desire to help his students and to apply his teachings from the classroom to the practical world motivated him to start his own irrigation company called, “Modern Irrigation” which is based in Upland. The business not only provides services to cities, school districts, contractors, and the general public, but has also served as a place for his students to enhance their learning by working there.


Though Dr. Hung loved being an educator and had a deeply rewarding career in teaching, his family was still his first priority. He was a devoted and caring husband to his wife, Jean Yueh-Chin, for 44 years, a loving father to his children, and an adoring and humorous grandfather to his grandchildren. He was a kind, gentle and patient man. Even with his busy career, he was always there when his family needed him, whether it was fixing things around the house or helping with homework. He took great pride in caring for his family.


Dr. Hung will always be remembered for his kindness to others, his great mind, his enthusiasm for teaching, and his love for his family. He will be deeply missed by his family and all who knew and loved him.

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