Charles Nunley

Charles Nunley is a landscape contractor, having worked in the trade and in his own business in Southern California for over 34 years. Charles is a life member of the CLCA, and has served as the Los Angeles Chapter President in 1979 and CLCA State President in 1998. Born in Los Angeles, Charles was raised in the South Central part of the city.


He attended local schools, including LA Trade Technical College, and LA City College. Charles eventually went on to study landscape architecture at University California Irvine. Charles Nunley learned several valuable lessons from his youth that helped to lay the foundation for who he is today. They include patience, respect, and a sound work ethic. Like most successful people Charles can point to specific realizations and lessons that have helped him formulate his life action plan. Along with these life altering experiences Charles has found books about successful people, a source of deep inspiration.  Material things are indicators of success, but Charles does not place an emphasis on them.


He considers himself successful because he manifests the following traits: a state of peace and well being, a sense of purpose, good health, and a positive mental outlook.

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